Proving that bald is beautiful

10 Apr

If you’ve ever been to HDYR? 2nd Street District, you’ve probably noticed our very charismatic store lead, Michelle. Michelle lives, eats, breathes and probably even sleeps the How Do You Roll? core values (betterment, coachability, integrity, work ethic, and emotional competence). We all do, it’s part of our culture. BUT what you might not know is that Michelle has really gone above and beyond with her commitment to betterment.

making the world better

Two weeks ago we posted about partnering with Michelle in her efforts to raise money for St. Baldrick’s Foundation and to bring awareness to childhood cancer. On April 4, she and two other HDYR? 2nd Street District staff members shaved their heads at an official St. Baldrick’s event to show their support for those currently fighting cancer. Yes, you read that right. Michelle has been so inspiring that Jason and Kaden felt compelled to join the cause.


On the date of the event, several team members came to show their support!

groupshotFirst up, Jason. After hearing about the event through Michelle, Jason felt compelled to shave his own head to support his grandmother. Jason’s grandmother is currently undergoing chemo treatments and Jason is proud to stand in solidarity with her.

head shavingSecond to the shaving chair was Kaden. Kaden truly believes in the cause and really just wanted to show his support by going bald.


Finally, came Michelle’s turn. She was very excited to find out that her hair was long enough to be donated!

locks for love

Michelle has now shed her locks two times in two years to bring awareness to childhood cancer.  She is passionate about the effort to cure cancer as she knows many people who have been directly or indirectly affected by the disease. One of her close friends is currently fighting cancer and Michelle feels strongly about supporting her friend through the battle.

first looksThe 2nd Street District team members have courageously taken a stand to support those fighting cancer and to prove that bald is in fact very beautiful.

team after

If you find yourself at How Do You Roll? 2nd Street, feel free to talk with any of our three shavees about the experience and what it means to them. We’re all moved by our team’s pursuit for betterment.

Our stellar customers at the HDYR? 2nd Street District contributed $65 to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation! Talk about betterment being contagious.

In the spirit of giving and in sticking to our commitment of making the world better, How Do You Roll? donated $500 to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation through Michelle’s fundraising efforts.

Making the world better. What does that mean to you?


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