Fantasy Football: How Sushi Saved Your Draft

15 Aug


Imagine it:

You are at your fantasy football draft. Your pick is coming up. You have to make a decision that will dramatically affect how this season will go. At this time last year you were feeling run down and slow. Weighed down from the 3 pieces greasy pizza you just inhaled while waiting for your next pick. But this year it’s different. This year while you were waiting for your next selection you ate some delicious sushi you catered in from How Do You Roll?.  Instead of feeling lethargic and slow to react, you feel energized and ready for anything!

 Now you’re on the clock. There’s no horrible stomach ache this year to prevent you from making the perfect pick! You can now focus and make the smart decisions to help bring home the championship and earn the bragging rights that have eluded you in seasons past! Thanks to your decision to choose something out of the ordinary to cater this years draft you have just put yourself on the road to victory!

Sounds too good to be true, right? Now there is no proven scientific evidence linking How Do You Roll? to success in Fantasy Football, but it is proven that thinking outside the box and choosing a sushi catering tray will be a huge hit, and welcome change at your next draft party!

Be different. Be better. Choose us to cater your next event; whether it be a fantasy football draft, a bachelorette party, or just a family get together where you don’t feel like cooking!

For more information, visit our catering page here:


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