Our Philly Roll was selected as a featur

1 Aug

Our Philly Roll was selected as a featured menu choice on Healthy Dining Finder’s latest blog! Check it out here: http://ow.ly/nxdDY


International Sushi Day – 6/18/2013

12 Jun

June 18 is International Sushi Day! Why? Because we say it is… so deal with it! (and come eat lots of sushi with us.) Our participating locations will have $5 rolls all day long. If there’s a better way to celebrate such an important holiday, we aren’t aware of it.

For those of you who think we just made this holiday up to show our love for sushi (and give our loyal customers an amazing deal), it does actually have some history, although it isn’t much different from the explanation we gave you in the previous paragraph (see: “because we say it is”):
Back in 2009, the administrator of the “Sushi” Facebook page decided that June 18 would be the first International Sushi Day. The idea was taken and ran with by his over 1 million followers, and quickly became a social media hit.

How Do You Roll? is proud to carry on the tradition of this nontraditional holiday this year, and for years to come. So on Tuesday June 18, come join the sushi (and awesome holiday) revolution, and have as many $5 rolls as you can handle…and then maybe have just one more for good luck, after all International Sushi Day is but once a year, make it count!


The fine print: Only at participating locations. Dine in only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer not valid online. Offer valid for Featured Rolls and Custom (1 protein, 3 veggies, 1 topping).

Salmon: The Superfish

24 Apr

So we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the health benefits of our vegetables over the past few months, but we haven’t really mentioned much about our proteins. Which, we realized, is strange because fish and sushi are pretty mutually exclusive. They don’t date around. We decided we might give all you rollers out there a couple facts about one of our more popular ingredients, salmon.

Now, we’ve all heard about omega 3 fatty acids, although not many know exactly what they’re good for. The first thing you have to know, however, is that salmon contains a massive amount. In fact one serving can have more omega 3’s in it than the average American adult gets in three days. Four ounces of salmon can have up to 2 grams of Omega 3’s. We like that ratio. Omega 3 fatty acids benefit the human body in a number of ways, and we’ll go into a bit more detail of some of the most important.


Omega 3s help bring down one’s cholesterol levels, thus immensely helping the heart’s essential functions. Heart disease, stroke, heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure are all common dangers among American adults that omega 3 fatty acids work to fight against. So next Valentines Day, why not spend time with whom your heart really desires, a nice salmon roll.

Salmon is also excellent for brain function and can improve one’s memory, just to make sure you never forget any of the magical meals enjoyed at HDYR? The vitamins in the acids work together to help the brain from aging and therefore act as a natural anti-depressant. Consumption of salmon has been shown to greatly lower one’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. So whether you’re preparing for old age or just a calculus test, salmon’s on your team, or should we say stream?

Finally, Salmon’s high vitamin D and selenium content in addition to abundance of Omega 3s make it a natural fighter of several types of cancer including prostate, colorectal, leukemia, multiple myeloma, and breast cancer.

Other benefits include increased eye health, weight loss capabilities, skin and hair health, and joint protection. Side affects may include bad breath, but that’s nothing a mint can’t fix. So the next time you’re having trouble deciding what type of protein to put in your roll, remember salmon and its mighty Omega 3 friends.

ImageWant to read more? Check out our sources here.

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Proving that bald is beautiful

10 Apr

If you’ve ever been to HDYR? 2nd Street District, you’ve probably noticed our very charismatic store lead, Michelle. Michelle lives, eats, breathes and probably even sleeps the How Do You Roll? core values (betterment, coachability, integrity, work ethic, and emotional competence). We all do, it’s part of our culture. BUT what you might not know is that Michelle has really gone above and beyond with her commitment to betterment.

making the world better

Two weeks ago we posted about partnering with Michelle in her efforts to raise money for St. Baldrick’s Foundation and to bring awareness to childhood cancer. On April 4, she and two other HDYR? 2nd Street District staff members shaved their heads at an official St. Baldrick’s event to show their support for those currently fighting cancer. Yes, you read that right. Michelle has been so inspiring that Jason and Kaden felt compelled to join the cause.


On the date of the event, several team members came to show their support!

groupshotFirst up, Jason. After hearing about the event through Michelle, Jason felt compelled to shave his own head to support his grandmother. Jason’s grandmother is currently undergoing chemo treatments and Jason is proud to stand in solidarity with her.

head shavingSecond to the shaving chair was Kaden. Kaden truly believes in the cause and really just wanted to show his support by going bald.


Finally, came Michelle’s turn. She was very excited to find out that her hair was long enough to be donated!

locks for love

Michelle has now shed her locks two times in two years to bring awareness to childhood cancer.  She is passionate about the effort to cure cancer as she knows many people who have been directly or indirectly affected by the disease. One of her close friends is currently fighting cancer and Michelle feels strongly about supporting her friend through the battle.

first looksThe 2nd Street District team members have courageously taken a stand to support those fighting cancer and to prove that bald is in fact very beautiful.

team after

If you find yourself at How Do You Roll? 2nd Street, feel free to talk with any of our three shavees about the experience and what it means to them. We’re all moved by our team’s pursuit for betterment.

Our stellar customers at the HDYR? 2nd Street District contributed $65 to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation! Talk about betterment being contagious.

In the spirit of giving and in sticking to our commitment of making the world better, How Do You Roll? donated $500 to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation through Michelle’s fundraising efforts.

Making the world better. What does that mean to you?

The Other Green Giant

10 Apr

Ah, asparagus—the green bean with a 1960’s hairdo. Although the vegetable isn’t a traditional sushi ingredient, it’s become a staple on our menu. It also happens to be one of the most nutritious veggies we’ve got. If you don’t usually put asparagus in your custom rolls, keep reading and allow us to change your mind.

Let’s start with some history. Asparagus has been eaten for thousands of years, both as a meal and a medicine. The Egyptians used it as an offering and the Romans froze it in the Alps in order to preserve it for the feast of Epicurus. Sounds like a party. The vegetable appears in the world’s oldest surviving cookbook.

Now, to the healthy stuff.

Asparagus has 288 milligrams of potassium and three grams of fiber per cup. That might not mean anything to all you non-nutritionists out there, but consider this. That same cup of asparagus only has forty calories. Potassium is known as a belly fat fighting element, and fiber cleans out your digestive system. All things considered, if you’re watching your weight, asparagus is here to help. But that’s not all.

Asparagus is particularly rich in Glutathione. Heard of it? Probably not, but it’s about to become your new favorite compound. Glutathione is a natural detox that breaks down carcinogens and other harmful chemicals like free radicals. This makes asparagus a from of protection against bone, breast, colon, larynx, and lung cancers. Glutathione is also an anti-oxidant. Now we’ve heard the word “anti-oxidants” thrown around a lot recently, but no one seems to know exactly what they do. So we did some research. Anti-oxidants inhibit the oxidation of other molecules. Wow, shocking! We could go into great detail about what this actually means, but what’s important to know is that this oxygen inhibition process is essential to organ function, especially the brain and heart, and can therefore prevent Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

Lastly, Asparagus is a great source of vitamin C, a water-soluble acid vital to human growth and development. Vitamin C assists the growth and repair of tissue, skin, ligaments, and blood vessels. Have a cut that’s taking longer to heal than it should? This could mean you’re low on vitamin C. Better run to HDYR and get your custom roll with asparagus. That should get you on the right track in no time.


ImageOver and out!