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Introducing Lifestyle Revolutions

27 Aug

Hey Rollers, we would like to introduce you to our new friends and partners: Lifestyle Revolutions! Lifestyle Revolutions is made up of the husband and wife team, Stephen and Julienne Colon. For the next few months they will be sharing their helpful and healthy tips on how to eat better, live better and feel better. So without further adieu, Lifestyle Revolutions:


ImageHi fellow sushi lovers, I’m Julienne, and I am a health guru, personal trainer, nutritionist, weight loss coach and mom.   I grew up in Dallas, TX and went to Texas State University where I obtained my Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Foods.  After college, I obtained my first personal training certification from The Cooper Institute in Dallas.  Three months later, I earned a second certification in Biomechanics.  Afterwards, I went on to obtain certifications from NASM, and ISSA.  I trained at a large gym in Dallas, where I met Stephen, my husband and best friend.  Not long after we met, Stephen joined the Marine Corps and he soon swept me off to Okinawa, Japan where I trained everyone from moms in their homes to large groups of Marines.

At that time is when I knew deep in my heart that my passion was in helping people. 

To coach and mentor someone to live a healthier life gives me so much joy. When someone says, “I’ve never been able to attack this challenge on my own, but when you started helping me, I realized I could do anything” validates one of my purposes here on Earth.

I’m here to help you and encourage you to make healthy decisions every day. I’ll give you tips on how to create healthy meals for your family, healthy lunches for your kiddos, simple and effective exercises that will make you feel incredible, and also let you know what is to come from your favorite healthy fast casual restaurant, How Do You Roll?.   I am honored to partner with such an incredible company that promotes “betterment” in the world! 

Sushi lovers and those living on the cusp of loving sushi, I’m Stephen and I’m so excited to talk with you about fitness, working out, promoting betterment with your positive lifestyle change, and focused attention on living life to the fullest. Before I met Julienne, I had spent years in Nebraska playing college football and rugby, really beating my body up while not taking care of the small things. Relying on only athleticism and not paying attention to the details of diet and exercise can only get you so far, especially with other people willing to work harder.

After college, I decided attention to detail, but with more structure was what I needed. I moved back to Texas and was shipped off to Boot Camp to become a Marine, and it changed my life! Right before that, I had an even bigger life changing experience; I met my future wife and best friend, Julienne. In fact, she was the one to introduce me to sushi on one of our first few dates, and holy moly – it was awesome! Fast-forward several months, we got married and were shipped off to Japan.

It’s funny to think that one of my first experiences with Julienne, was my first introduction to sushi, and now that we are partnered with one of our favorite sushi restaurants we can experience more firsts with all of you and hope to influence a positive change in your lifestyle!

We’re excited for your fitness journey, excited for you to make healthier choices and last we believe our mission in life is to make your life better by being a part of it!!